Blissbox EN


~ English version ~

My Bliss Box has been lovingly illustrated by Arsenia, an intuitive Illustrator from Mexico. Each card contains an incredible amount of symbolism: yin and yang, femininity or masculinity, inwardly or outwardly directed energy, the phases of the moon, chakras, emotions, desires, seasons, archetypes and much more. Above all, follow your heart. Let these works of art impress upon you and awaken your intuition and your senses.

In total there are 51 cards full of Bliss:
7 x 7 insight cards • 1 yes card and 1 no card.

Each set consists of 7 cards in 7 different colours:
red • orange • yellow • green • blue • indigo • white/gold

Each set has 7 topics:

  • What is your desire?
  • What are you looking for?
  • Your super power
  • Element
  • Mantra/wisdom
  • Moon phase
  • Archetype